Systematic approach to Athletic Development

The more comprehensive the system of athletic development is, the more moving parts and chances there are to miss the forest from the trees. That is why each program should have over arching and simple principles guiding the whole process. These are some of mine:

1. Future
Coaching athletic development for young people is more about their future and long term growth than it is about this season. My work and their participation is an investment into their future. The goal, of course, is a healthy and athletic future in the sport and/or life in the capacity that they choose to engage in it. 

2. FUN
FUN can be challenging. FUN can be rewarding. FUN can be effective. FUN can bring 'serious' results. In fact, I believe it is the best way for long term success. 

3. Functional
Yes, of course it needs to be functional. But, there is more to that. It is doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reason - for the right person! In other words a) Specific to the task and the person b) Appropriately designed and adjusted program for a given situation and environment c) Guided by the big WHY's on the background. The HOW and WHAT only stay under control when the WHY stays close to the hearts and minds of the coaches.

In practice, the actual system or set of guidelines of Athletic Development is there to guide us, to remind us and to help us make good decisions when writing down the actual plan/program of the day for our athletes. This table helps me keep me organized and prioritized. 

Keep it up friends! 

Tommi the Trainer