Change equals growth 2010!

Discover Movement Exercise & Performance Systems 2010

Getting consistent results is hard! Enhancing your sport performance or even losing weight is not as easy as the commercial media suggests.

Sure, purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment can give you an instant gratification or a kick-start to the right direction. But as in many other things in life, the true transformation requires time, effort and commitment as well as a great plan of how to get to the goal.

Our bodies are extremely smart! They will adapt to new stimulation faster than we think. Often a great start-up exercise program can turn into ‘a waste of time” or of little benefit already within weeks from the beginning of program.

Change equals growth!

“Change” is what our bodies (and often minds too) want to avoid. “Change” means additional energy consumption and effort from our musculoskeletal, cardiovascular as well as well from our metabolic systems. At the same time, “change” is what truly stimulates new inspiration, new adaptations and thus, new results.

Exercise System = Structured change management

One of our main tasks at Discover Movement is to research and develop systems that will facilitate change within the exercise program in order to gain optimal results.

We aim at providing exercise programs that are not dependent on fancy equipment or the latest fads. The hidden secret of Discover Movement programs is built-in consistent and progressive change that inevitably brings results.

2010 Tools of change

1. If you are a snow-enthusiast or more specifically a skier, we recommend you to take a look at the Ski Exercise Training System that provides months of systematized Ski Conditioning, all no-equipment body-weight programs.

2. Also 2010 the snowboarders should get serious about improving their ability to learn new skills faster and get more air on jumps. Go to and sign up for more information.

3. If your exercise program is pretty much set already, but would like to boost your results with new total body, most-bang-for-you-buck exercises, check out  for the most important moves you can perform with a kettlebell. This will not break the bank as it goes for under $20 in the beginning of this victorious year.

4. Warming up is one of the most under appreciated and misunderstood moments of working out. What you do to prepare yourself for exercise or sports is potentially the most important 10 minutes of your exercise program. Discover Movement has launched a Weekly Warm-up video blog series that will give ideas of how to make your warm-up more active, dynamic and effective.

5. Finally, in just a few weeks Discover Movement will be introducing a program: Movement Skill development for young athletes. Stay tuned for that!

The New Year will bring many fascinating additions to our services. We hope they will benefit you on your journey into better health, function and performance.

Remember, make yourself accountable to someone who cares about you and your health.

Enjoy the New Year and Thank you very much for 2009!!

Alex & Tommi from Discover Movement 

PS: Steve Macioci, who is the instructor on the Kettlebell moves -video, thinks that exercise can be fun. The man is out of his mind!