Alexi Salamone - Training for Paralympics

Whenever one Olympic Games ends, another one begins.

Two weeks from now the world's best disabled athletes will descend upon Vancouver for the Winter Paralympics.

The name "Paralympics" comes from the games being held in "parallel" years to the summer and winter Olympics.

The 2010 Winter Paralympics will feature 1,350 athletes from around the world competing in events such as sled hockey, wheelchair curling and alpine skiing.

Opening Ceremonies take place March 12 and the games will conclude on March 21.

I don't know about you but I truly enjoy watching Olympics and the best of the world perform. The potential and the capacity of human performance fascinates me tremendously. 

However, my heart is touched on even a deeper level when I watch a paralympic athlete enjoy their sport such as Alexi Salamone, a true miracle on ice. It inspires me to see beyond the disabilities and trials of my own life and I feel encouraged in a new way.

In less than two weeks these athletes take it to the arenas in Vancouver. I hope Paralympics will receive more media coverage this year. I think we could all learn valuable lessons on courage, determination and passion.