368 Training Systems -principle: Always train all planes, stations and chains!

368 - Training Systems answered to my own need of developing a system that makes the complexity of human movement a bit more simple to put into practice in terms of training and conditioning.

The backbone of 368 is based on the following concepts:  


- that human movement occurs in three planes

- the body can be divided in 6 anatomical stations

- the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the fascia form integrated chains that are anatomically connected and that work together functionally (our system uses 8 chains)

368 concept is inspired mainly by three wise men, Gary Gray, Thomas Myers and Gray Cook, the mentors that have made the dynamic miracle of human movement a little bit easier to understand for a coach/trainer such as myself.   

368 gives me a tool through which I can observe movement and be reminded of its dimensions when planning exercise protocols and coaching athletes. 

How does 368 help me in practice? Here is a en example of Vern Gambetta's (another wise man and a great coach) Superlegs-series flavored with 368 and a medicine ball. The idea is to combine some of the fundamental movement patterns with total body muscular endurance. This superlegs targets particularly the anterior and posterior chains as well the diagonal/rotational chains.  

This routine also challenges our athletes in the areas of muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular and metabolic systems. We do not use this series until the basic movement patterns/skills are complete, strength foundation is solid and energy systems have developed sufficiently. In other words it is not used for beginners or for children.  

Train smart!

Tommi the Trainer

Sources of inspiration:

Gary Gray www.grayinstitute.com

Thomas Myers www.anatomytrains.com

Gray Cook www.functionalmovement.com

Vern Gambetta www.gambetta.com/blog.html