368 Training Systems -principle: Always train all planes, stations and chains!

368 - Training Systems answered to my own need of developing a system that makes the complexity of human movement a bit more simple to put into practice in terms of training and conditioning.

The backbone of 368 is based on the following concepts:  


- that human movement occurs in three planes

- the body can be divided in 6 anatomical stations

- the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the fascia form integrated chains that are anatomically connected and that work together functionally (our system uses 8 chains)

368 concept is inspired mainly by three wise men, Gary Gray, Thomas Myers and Gray Cook, the mentors that have made the dynamic miracle of human movement a little bit easier to understand for a coach/trainer such as myself.   

368 gives me a tool through which I can observe movement and be reminded of its dimensions when planning exercise protocols and coaching athletes. 

How does 368 help me in practice? Here is a an example of that; 3-D lunges combined with upper body patterns (medicine ball). This sequence is can be used for training the chains.

Train smart!

Tommi the Trainer

Sources of inspiration:

Gary Gray www.grayinstitute.com

Thomas Myers www.anatomytrains.com

Gray Cook www.functionalmovement.com

Vern Gambetta www.gambetta.com/blog.html