On-ground training: Scapula and shoulder strength

Check out the blog called http://bodydynamix.wordpress.com/ for excellent information about the the "core" of the shoulder and also to view first phases of this sequence.

"The shoulder blade or scapula serves a crucial role in shoulder motions and can be the limiting factor in many athletes or individuals with shoulder pain. The scapula is the “CORE” of the shoulder joint meaning that it provides a stable or unstable base from which the shoulder moves. The scapula moves up and down, out and in and rotates around the rib cage allowing the shoulder joint or glenohumeral joint to function." Anthony Manzella, the Bodydynamix PT  http://bodydynamix.wordpress.com/ 

This video shows an example of a follow up and a training progression to the shoulder and scapula sequence for healthy athletes with pain-free shoulders.