Athletic Development & Injury Prevention for Young Female Athletes

Hello fellow Coach and Athlete,

The epidemic of sports related injuries, such as ACL-injuries, is at all time high and particularly young female athletes are suffering from it. There are, without a question, several reasons for this; genetics, hormonal levels, Q-angles, rest, nutrition and so on. However, it has been clearly demonstrated, that with proper exercise program combined with an adequate recovery, we can definitely decrease and prevent a great number of these injuries.

A great thing is that while we work on injury prevention, we can fully focus on athletic development at the same time. In fact, prevention of injuries is basically training for speed, strentgh, flexibility and athleticism with a particular emphasis on balanced and skill-focused development of all motor components and elements of movement.

In the KNEES 4 SPEED -training program I have created a systematic approach to training for performance while addressing many of the movement-based reasons for injuries. Please, remember that the program is useless without proper application and instruction; that is where the art of coaching and the individual care comes in.

I ask you to read the manual and to use the content of the program responsibly adjusting it according to your target group and needs. Remember, this is not a rehabilitation program! If you have pain or problems with your knees, go to the specialist instead of doing these exercises. Rehab and prehab are not the same thing!

Be strong and courageous!

Tommi Paavola