Every day - my way or the High(er) way?

I must admit that disciplining my body for the physical gains of exercise is much easier for me than to discipline my body (and the mind of course) to maintain my spiritual habits of prayer and reading the scripture.

I acknowledge the benefits of physical exercise and I do feel it in my life when I am in shape. But to be completely honest, the benefits of the morning prayer and the Word, carry into the day and the life overall so much more intensely.

You would think that we would automatically and easily choose the way we KNOW and experience to be the better one. But then again, I am reminded of my own rebellion that goes ahead making decision based on emotions, instant gratification and on many selfish and even unconscious motives.

In exercise we make the decisions often the same way though. We choose the hard workout based on how it makes us feel afterwards, not necessarily based on a strategic and logical choice. Sometimes we choose to go easy when the moment would demand a harder effort. Either or, often our choices are not based on discipline and self-control.

The same certainly goes with the spiritual habits. I try hard when I should just submit instead and I get lazy when I need the self control the most.

I made a conscious choice to give my life to Jesus 16 years ago. Maybe I thought it was the only choice I had to make regarding the life of a believer. I was wrong; the ‘same’ choice is made every single day and sometimes even more frequently. The choice to submit my life to God ONCE might not bring forth the good fruits in long term, because the next morning I wake up – it might be my way again and not His. I am thankful that God has new grace for me every morning.

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. 1 Cor 9:27

Tommi the Trainer