Miracle of movement

Psalm 19 starts with amazing words: "Heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim His handiwork." 

It's easy to see why the author wrote about the skies; the clouds, the colors, the stars, the Sun and the Moon. Just by looking up you can be convinced that God exists and that He is full of glory. But whether you believe in God or not, you will be impressed by turning your eyes to heaven and taking in the view.

Some other parts of creation don't express the miraculous quite as obvious as the skies although they might represent just as amazing characteristics of God's handiwork. There are infinite examples of this but what strikes me in my profession, is the miracle of movement, human movement in particular. It doesn't impress us often as much as watching the Northern Lights cross the night sky in the middle of winter, but in essence the intelligence, wisdom and creativity behind a simple movement in our everyday lives is just as amazing, if not more. After all, creating the nature and the animals made the Universe 'good' according to God, but only after creating the human being did it become 'very good' in His mind. 

You only have to study the human foot and it's role in movement and realize that just the anatomy and its interaction with the ground is truly spectacular. And if we cross from the 'hardware' -parts to the 'software' -functions and understand even a little bit of about the nervous system and the its governing of the movement, we should be just as amazed as when watching a heavenly body, a planet, appear on the sky. 

Thank you for the gift of movement!