What is your WHY in life? What makes you tick and what breaks your heart?

At Discover Movement we want to share our WHY behind the WHAT & HOW ... and help you do the same in your own life.



We want everyone to know the HOPE that is in Jesus Christ and the LOVE that He has for YOU. There is only one thing that is powerful enough to save me and you and that is the GRACE that the God offers us freely through Jesus.


personal POTENTIAL

We want YOU to find out the true potential you have in sports and in life. There is more inside of you and it awaits to be discovered and grasped. Living the life that fulfills your potential  and expands your strengths in life (and in movement) is OUR goal for YOU. 



What is it that makes you discontent or even angry about the state of the world or your neighborhood today? What do you want to change more than anything? For me it is the suffering and the abuse of children around the world. It makes me physically sick. Purposeful service is about what I DO about it.