Athletes first, players second! Movement skill development.

What are most sports made of?

Running, hopping, squatting, turning, avoiding, jumping, landing, lunging...
Balance, coordination, speed, agility, power, strength, mobility...

Most of the sports develop these fundamentals. Some sports enhance one attribute more than the other. That is why engaging in different sports and activities can improve the overall athleticism more than just by training one sport.  


Athleticism is an outcome of several factors. Some of them we are not able to influence (genetics etc.) but most of them we can improve. Every athlete can become faster, stronger or more flexible.

The goal of Movement Skill Training is to ensure the integrity of the movement foundation.

Movement Skill Training:  

1. Aims to find and fill the missing links in athletic development.   
2. Improves all the fundamental movement patterns and skills
3. Covers the development of all motor components such as balance, speed or strength.

Other important objectives of Movement Skill Development for Youth are:

- To support healthy growth and development and to ensure a healthy future
- To introduce supplemental movement to the most physically passive generation yet  
- To compliment the psychological, emotional and social development of the youth